Liberty Necklace – Daisy


Made especially for children, these beautiful necklaces will compliment every princesses outfit!

“Liberty” children’s necklaces get their name from the break apart clasp that will pop open or release when sharply tugged.

Liberty Daisy is made up of nine handmade resin beads in a one of our most popular colour combinations – pink, yellow, light blue and cloud. These beads are hand strung and knotted on white cotton cord.

Origin: Hand Made in Australia

Material: Each necklace is handmade with 9 beautiful round, matte finished resin beads. We string and knot the beads on a high quality cotton cord and finish with the break apart safety clasp.

Length: When laid straight, the “Liberty” necklace measures approximately between 48 and 50cm long – a perfect length for a child to wear.

Age: These necklaces are not designed to be chewed and are not recommended for children under the age of 3 years.

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