Hillside Fruits


There is a small country in the heart of Europe that is rich in tales. Our toys tell you the stories of this country, Hungary. With our toys, you can visit the capital, Budapest, surrounded by forests and hills, and the enormous and friendly lake, Balaton. We invite you to the woods around Budapest to learn about the trees and animals that call them home.

Let’s observe the trees in the Buda hills! Listen how the wind whispers to their leaves, how their fruits tap when they hit the ground. Shake all the four fruits and listen to the unique sounds they make.

The toy develops eye-hand coordination while educating children on the wildlife and environment that surrounds them.

INFORMATION This set includes: 4 fruit-rattles
MATERIAL Wood, Leather. All items are handmade and may be made from various pieces of wood.
 AGE  Suitable from 3 yrs.
ORIGIN Hungary